How to Make a Mood Board for a Photography Shoot

1. The most important part of a shoot is knowing your “WHY” and telling a story.


I found Emilie on Instagram.

3. Because I am visual I made a Pinterest board to fine tune my thoughts of the story I was telling.

You can become as detailed in your Pinterest Board as “Composition”, lighting, feel, and direction of the shoot. Whatever helps set the tone and get the feeling across to your client as well.

Back to Emilie.

I thought about her features, her brows, and overall aesthetic. Then, I put her Pinterest into words. You can even tell a fictional story or bring one to life.

My Thoughts…

  1. Emilie has fierce eyes and an edgy look.
  2. She is fearless.
  3. She likes to go to parties and festivals.
  4. Her boyfriend is a musician, and she is not afraid of heights, but too familiar to heartbreak.
  5. She does what she does so she can say she did it.
  6. She collects memories.

I want to say _.

I want to say that living life on the edge can be fun.

I wanted Emilie to embrace her wild side and encourage women to be empowered.
We went to a construction site that wasn’t blocked off and shot pictures.

I tried to put those feelings into every picture. Directing Emilie was beautiful and natural. I created a shoot around her aesthetic. I knew what I was trying to evoke before I stepped onto the construction site. Other than settings and interesting camera positions, the work was finished

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